12th Reinventing Space Conference Proceedings

We are pleased to announce that Springer has published the proceedings of the 12th Reinventing Space Conference.

  • Skimsats: bringing down the cost of Earth Observation – Bacon, Andrew (et al.)
  • Rethinking Private Property In Outer Space – Becerra, Jairo
  • CubeSats to support Mars exploration: Three scenarios for valuable planetary science missions – Corpino, Sabrina (et al.)
  • Technology or Law: Which Will Reach Mars First? – Davis, Benjamin G.
  • Paradigm Change in Earth Observation – Skybox Imaging and SkySat-1 – Dyer, Jonathan M. (et al.)
  • Next Generation Novasar Development – Hawkins, Owen (et al.)
  • Designing for Cost Effectiveness Results in Responsiveness: Demonstrating The SSTL X-Series – Kenyon, Shaun (et al.)
  • Thinking Differently about Standard Smallsat Interfaces- Let Adapters Take the Brunt – Lim, Daniel
  • MSR IOD Study: Low Cost End-to-End In Orbit Demonstration of Key Technologies for the MSR Mission – Monchieri, Emanuele (et al.)
  • The Small Satellite Integrated Communication Environment (ICE) – Ploschnitznig, John E.
  • SPARTAN: Scramjet Powered Accelerator for Reusable Technology AdvaNcement – Preller, Dawid (et al.)
  • The Disruptive Potential of Subsonic Air-Launch – Salt, David J.
  • Sprite, a Very Low-Cost Launch Vehicle for Small Satellites – Sarzi-Amade, Nicola (et al.)
  • An Emerging Marketplace: Low Earth Orbit And The International Space Station – Scimemi, Sam
  • The Austral Launch Vehicle: 2014 Progress in Reducing Space Transportation Cost through Reusability, Modularity and Simplicity – Schutte, Adriaan (et al.)
  • Quantifying the Cost Reduction Potential for Earth Observation Satellites – Shao, Anthony (et al.)
  • Air launched space transportation systems – Sokolov, Oleg A.
  • S.O.F.I.A: Solar Orbiters For Imaging Asteroids – Trichas, Markos (et al.)
  • The North Star Rocket Family – Verberne, C. J.

This publication is now available online at www.springer.com/gb/book/9783319340234

Please note that RISpace attendees receive all presented conference papers from 2014 onwards as they register at the venue for the 2017 conference

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