Call for Abstracts closes on 17 July

The space industry is constantly innovating. What is the future of global cooperation? How will cuts in US government spending affect the private sector? How will the commercial launch sector evolve? Will suborbital be a game changer?

Reinventing Space is a three day conference and exhibition dedicated to one of the space industry’s fastest growing areas – low cost access and utilisation of space. It is the largest conference worldwide in this important sector. This year it will be held in Oxford, UK.

The Call For Papers has now opened and abstracts are invited on topics including:-

  • Launch systems
  • Mission engineering and constellation design
  • Novel architectures
  • Innovation
  • Regulation and space traffic control
  • In-orbit demonstration
  • Payload and platform technologies

Full details are available on the Call For Abstracts web page.

The Call closes on Friday 17 July at 17:00 GMT.


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