Reinventing Space, organised by the British Interplanetary Society, is a conference and exhibition dedicated to one of the space industry’s fastest growing sectors – low cost access and utilisation of space. It is the largest conference worldwide in this important sector and was the second biggest space event in the UK during 2015.

The event addresses

  • New ways of doing business in space – how do we make money on affordable and responsive space missions?
  • Tactical space systems – how do we best serve the needs of defence missions; civilian missions; the needs of  emergency responders?
  • Interplanetary missions – can we use new technology to explore the Solar System at dramatically lower cost?
  • What are the methods, processes, and technologies that we can use making major reductions in the cost of space missions?
  • New application areas for low-cost space systems – which ones can take advantage of newer, much-lower-cost systems?
  • How do we educate and motivate the coming generation, without whom there won’t be a space industry?

Now in its fifteenth year, this prominent international event is taking place in Glasgow, Scotland.

The British Interplanetary Society is the world’s oldest space advocacy organisation. Over its 84 year history, the BIS has acted as a forum for new and innovative ideas and developments in astronautics.It continues to encourage and promote forward thinking ideas and concepts for the future exploration and utilisation of space.

Call For Abstracts

Guidelines about submitting your paper may be found here. The Call For Papers for the 15th Reinventing Space (RIspace) conference opened on Monday 30 January 2017 and will close on Friday 2 June 2017. The focus of the 2017 conference will be on the novel applications that are becoming commercially viable as space technology improves. …

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Previous conferences

Here you may access the previous Reinventing/Responsive Space conferences.  

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RIspace 2016 Organising Committee Chair: Scott Hatton, British Interplanetary Society Members: Gill Norman, British Interplanetary Society Mark Hempsell, British Interplanetary Society Alistair Scott, British Interplanetary Society RIspace 2016 Technical Committee Committee President Stuart Eves, SSTL Andrew Ratcliffe, Airbus DS Members: Robin Brand, British Interplanetary Society Richard Crowther, UK Space Agency David Germroth, PACE Matthew Stuttard, …

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