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Reinventing Space 2005

The 3rd Reinventing Space Conference was officially titled RS3 and took place at the LAX Westin Hotel in Los Angeles between 25-28 April 2005.

It was organised by the founder of Responsive Space, Jim Wertz of Microcosm.

Responsive Launch
– Launch systems within a day of identified need
– Initial emphasis on small payloads, may apply to larger payloads later

Responsive Space Systems
– Return data from payloads within the first 1–2 orbits after launch
– Elements that need to be addressed:

Responsive Missions
– Significantly less than a decade from an identified need or new capability to something
ready to fly — the Plug-and-Play 6-Day Spacecraft
– A day or less for assets available on the ground to being operational on orbit

Space assets can be brought to bear only if they are already operational. We can not reconstitute assets which fail or launch new assets in response to world events.

This is the problem which must be solved.

RS3 official program