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Reinventing Space 2007

Applications, Implementation, and Funding

The 5th Reinventing Space Conference was officially titled RS5 and took place in Los Angeles between 23-26 April 2007.

It was organised by the founder of Responsive Space, Jim Wertz of Microcosm.

Previous responsive space conferences have focused on the technology and processes to create Responsive Space. The 2007 Responsive Space Conference will continue to cover the broad spectrum of topics, but will also focus attention on three key issues:

Applications – What are the needs of the war- fighter and civilian users and how can these needs be met?

Implementation – How do we create demonstration missions and then transition these into an ongoing, robust program of low-cost, responsive missions?

Funding – What is the current funding status for all of the elements of Responsive Space and how do we create Responsive Funding?

Mission utility has been shown to be high and the technology workable. The country dramatically needs both lower cost and more responsive missions, but “BattleStar Galactica and the Imperial Space Force” are soaking up all of the available funding and, unfortunately, quite a bit more. Brian Green, Pete Rustan and others have challenged industry to make it happen and industry has, in turn, challenged the government to make near-term funding available so that near-term rewards and lower cost programs happen in less time than it took to go to the Moon.