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Reinventing Space 2008

Implementing ORS — Year 1

The 6th Reinventing Space Conference was officially titled RS6 and took place in Los Angeles between 28 April and 1 May 2008.

It was organised by the founder of Responsive Space, Jim Wertz of Microcosm.

Major changes occurred at RS5 with the creation of the ORS Office at Kirtland AFB, the announcement of $409 million in Congressional funding for ORS over 6 years, and a strong expression of interest in ORS by all of the military services.

Thus, we anticipate the primary emphasis of RS6 will be on Implementation of Responsive Space and how we go about demonstrating near-term progress and utility so as to maintain and increase Congressional interest and prove that ORS can truly benefit both the warfighter and the broader space community.

Within this broad objective, we expect the discussion to cover all aspects of Responsive Space:

Missions and Applications — Warfighting, disaster monitoring and relief, science, education, and commerce, plus S&TSats, TacSats, and OpSats

CONOPS — Command and control; making it work for the end user who doesn’t care about space; working into existing ground systems

Launch — What’s the status of responsive, low-cost launch? Responsive range operations — launching within hours?

Technology — Plug-and-play; flexible, multi-use systems; low-cost components; software-driven systems; standards and procedures

Mission and Systems Engineering — Mission design, measures of effectiveness, orbits, getting information to the end user within hours of an unexpected event

Business — Is there a business case for “instant gratification”?