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Wednesday 26 October

The second day of Reinventing Space 2016 was dedicated to access to space and commercialisation.

Access to Space concerns the new vehicles, technologies and operational concepts that are radically reducing the cost to reach orbit. Small launchers, reusability and commercial rideshare partnerships, all promise to open up the space frontier and are the focus of this session.

As important as the technology which is driving the development of space, are the new and innovative business plans which are being adopted by new and established space companies. This session features papers from new start-ups, companies with a bold new commercial vision and those with new market predictions/forecasts.



Note: Parallel to the RISpace conference on Wednesday, Space Placements in INdustry (SpIN) will host their Placement Showcase event throughout the morning, and UKSEDS and the SGAC are organising Reinventing Space Careers in the afternoon.

The timetable for this parallel can be found at the bottom of this page.


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Access to Space and Commercialisation Day





Delegates enjoy welcome coffee and croissants while they visit the exhibition
Kohn Centre, City of London Rooms and Marble Hall
The day’s events will be outlined
Wellcome Trust Lecture Hall
Chair: Carissa Christensen (Tauri Group)

christensen Carissa Christensen is an internationally-known expert on the space industry and technology forecasting. She led the creation of widely used data tools now considered global metrics for the commercial space and satellite sectors. She is a frequent speaker and author on space and satellite trends, serves as a strategic advisor to government and commercial clients, and has been an expert witness and testified before Congress on market dynamics. Christensen is a Managing Partner of The Tauri Group, an analytic consulting firm that she co-founded in 2001. She is also an active investor in technology-focused startups and advises several companies she has helped seed.

She serves on the board of QxBranch, an early stage quantum computing firm.

Invited Paper
Carissa Christensen (Tauri Group)

13: Strike the Iron Where it Counts! Near Term Goals to Reach the Long Term Vision
Daniel Lim (Xtenti, LLC)

14: Assessing the global market and requirements for persistent maritime surveillance from space
Chris Lavers (Britannia Royal Naval College)

Wellcome Trust Lecture Hall

12: Responsive On-Demand Access to LEO from the Stratosphere
Marc Rovira (zero2infinity)

18: Low cost reusuable first stage launch service from European spaceports
Charles Lauer (Rocketplace Global LLC)

15: Low cost rocket engine development at Kingston University London
Jack James Marlow (Kingston University)

Wellcome Trust Lecture Hall
RISpace exhibition
Space Placements in INdustry (SpIN) posters displayed

logo_ruag The Wednesday morning break is sponsored by RUAG
Kohn Centre, City of London Rooms and Marble Hall
Chair: Gerry Webb, CST

Soyuz rocket – new launch opportunities
Denis Lyskov (Glavkosmos)

16: The UK’s path to launch : the NSTS for launch technologies, vehicles and services
Andy Bradford (Bradspace)

17: A commercially driven design approach to UK future small payload launch systems
Stuart McIntyre (Orbital Access)

19: Vision 2025 – A new paradigm for the 21st century spaceport
Frank diBello (Space Florida)


The Access to Space II session is sponsored by Commercial Space Technologies
Wellcome Trust Lecture Hall
12:30 KEYNOTE: Luce Fabreguettes
Senior VP Missions, Arianespace

As Senior Vice President for missions, Luce Fabreguettes is responsible for Ariane, Soyuz and Vega mission performance on behalf of Arianespace’s customers, and ensures a balanced
exploitation of three launch systems in Arianespace’s product range: Ariane 5, Soyuz and Vega.
Wellcome Trust Lecture Hall
RISpace exhibition
Space Placements in INdustry (SpIN) posters displayed
Kohn Centre, City of London Rooms and Marble Hall

PANEL: Access To Space
Chair: Andy Bradford (Bradspace)


Andy Bradford, former director of Engineering for SSTL and current chair of the UK National Space Technology Access to Space Group, will be running a panel looking at the evolving launch market. The discussion will focus on the technology and market trends affecting the launch industry and how the participants think it will evolve over the coming years. Specific areas for discussion will be the rise of constellations requiring launch and the growth of small launch operators trying to enter the market. The panel is looking to include representatives from the UKSA, commercial entities involved in market forecasts, new and existing launch operators.

  • Euroconsult: Maxime Puteaux, Consultant
  • Nanoracks: Søren Pedersen, International Sales Director
  • Orbital Access: Stuart McIntyre, CEO
  • SSTL: Alex da Silva Curiel, Head of International Business
  • UK Space Agency: Claire Barcham, Satellite Launch Programme Director
Wellcome Trust Lecture Hall
15:10 KEYNOTE: Ellen Stofan
Chief Scientist, NASA

stofan Ellen Stofan is the Chief Scientist of NASA and serves as principal science advisor to NASA Administrator Charles Bolden on the agency’s science programmes, planning and investments.From 1991 through 2000, she held a number of senior scientist positions at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory including chief scientist for NASA’s New Millennium Program, deputy project scientist for the Magellan Mission to Venus, and experiment scientist for Spaceborne Imaging Radar-C (SIR-C). Stofan’s research has focused on the geology of Venus, Mars, Saturn’s moon Titan, and Earth. She is an associate member of the Cassini Mission to Saturn Radar Team and a co-investigator on the Mars Express mission’s MARSIS sounder.
Wellcome Trust Lecture Hall
RISpace exhibition
Space Placements in INdustry (SpIN) posters displayed
Kohn Centre, City of London Rooms and Marble Hall
16:20 KEYNOTE: Richard Crowther
Chief Engineer, UK Space Agency

keynote-crowther Richard Crowther is currently Chief Engineer at the UK Space Agency. He was Head of the Space Technology Division at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory until 2008 with primary research interests in space security and policy, man-made orbital debris, and planetary defence (near Earth objects, asteroids and comets that pass close to the Earth). He is currently Head of the UK delegations to the Inter-Agency Debris Committee and the United Nations Committee on Peaceful Uses of Outer Space (UN COPUOS), in the past acting as Chair of the UN Working Group on Near Earth Objects within COPUOS. Professor Crowther also leads the UK delegation to the European Space Agency’s International Relations Committee, and Space Situational Awareness Programme Board. He is one of the fifteen members of the Group of Governmental Experts appointed by the United Nations in 2012 to examine transparency and confidence building measures in outer space. He is a Chartered Engineer, a Fellow of the Royal Aeronautical Society, and was recently elected to the International Institute of Space Law, International Institute of Strategic Studies, and the International Academy of Astronautics.


Wellcome Trust Lecture Hall
Formal proceedings brought to a close for Wednesday
Wellcome Trust Lecture Hall
Wine and canape event
Kohn Centre, City of London Rooms and Marble Hall


SpIN schedule

08:45   Registration (Marble Hall)
09:15   Welcome (Kohn Centre)

09:30   SpINtern Project Pitches (Marble Hall)
11:00   SpINtern Poster Display Presentations (Marble Hall)
13:20   Lunch (Marble Hall, City of London Rooms)

Careers event schedule

13:20   Lunch and registration (Marble Hall). Lunch also available in City of London Rooms.

SpIN/Careers joint schedule

14:00   Welcome and employers panel (Kohn Centre)

15:10   Keynote Address: Ellen Stofan, NASA Chief Scientist (Wellcome Trust Lecture Hall)
15:55   Afternoon Break (Marble Hall, City of London Rooms)
16:20   Speed mentoring (Kohn Centre)
17:30   Networking Reception (Kohn Centre, City of London Rooms and Marble Hall)
20:30   Day ends