Complimentary registration for Reinventing Space 2019 is reserved for working members of the media: reporters/editors/writers of magazines, trade publications/newspapers as well as producers/presenters of broadcasting stations, etc. It does not apply to corporate and company newsletters or research/financial agencies. If you are non-editorial staff of a media group and are not covering the event as a journalist, please register as a general attendee.

If you have been attended a previous RISpace in this capacity, you do not need to submit proof of editorial.

Otherwise, press registration requires that you submit two valid press credentials verifying your affiliation. Proof of Editorial includes two of:

  • Official Media ID
  • Photocopy of a recent bylined article accompanied by your business card
  • Current publication masthead that states your name and editorial function
  • Letter of Assignment (Freelancers)
  • Publication URL with verification of employment (Online publications)

Your two press credentials must be emailed to Scott Hatton at . Press registration includes access to all conference sessions.