Panels at Reinventing Space

The Reinventing Space Conference announces the following panels:


Monday 24 October

Is the future for Commercial SAR bright… Or a bust?

  • Airbus DS: Martin Cohen, Radar Systems Engineering Manager
  • ICEYE: Rafal Modrzewski, CEO
  • JAXA: Hirobumi Saito, Space Engineering and Control Technology
  • TerraSAR-X/HDWS: Andreas Kern, Head WorldSAR business
  • UrtheCast: George Tyc, CTO
  • XpressSAR: Wolfgang Biedermann, CEO
  • COSMO-SkyMed: Luciane Di Domenico, Commmecialisation Manager (invited)
  • RadarSat: Edward Lau, Business Development Manager (invited)
  • Ursa Space Systems: Adam Maher, President and Founder (invited)

Marine Surveillance

  • ExactEarth: Simon Chesworth, Sales Director EMEA
  • Nick Lambert Associates: Nick Lambert, Director
  • Satellite Applications Catapult: Sean McCarthy, Head of Market Facing Programmes

Spaceborne Laser Communications: Will it reinvent how we use space?

  • Airbus DS: Martin Agnew, CIS R&T and Innovations Coordinator
  • BridgeSat Inc: David Mitlyng, Senior Vice President
  • General Atomics: David Robie, PhD, Director EO/IR
  • Japan National Institute of Information and Communications Technology: Morio Toyoshima, Senior Researcher
  • Laser Light Communications: Bob Brumley, Managing Director
  • NASA: Donald Cornwell, Director, Advanced Communication and Navigation Division
  • SpaceDataHighway: Jörg Herrmann,  Head of EDRS
  • Tesat Spacecom: Matthias Motzigemba, Head of Laser Products
  • Vialight: Kevin Shortt, Vice President


Tuesday 25 October

The New Space Revolution – Transforming How We Observe Earth

  • BlackSky Global: Jim Beckley, Vice President
  • DigitalGlobe: Luca Perletta, Manager, Sales Engineering
  • Hawkeye 360: Russ Matijevich, Vice President
  • Hera Systems: Bobby Machinski , CEO
  • OmniEarth: Jonathan Fentzke, Chief Strategy Officer
  • Planet IQ: Chris McCormick, CEO
  • SeeMe Satellite: Leonard D Vance, Senior Engineering Fellow, Raytheon
  • Surrey Satellite: Tony Holt, Engineer Director (invited)


Wednesday 26 October

Access to Space

  • Participants to be announced


Thursday 27 October

Space Exploration 2.0

  • ESA: Bernhard Hufenbach, Human Spaceflight Directorate

  • NASA: James Green, Director, NASA Planetary Science Division

  • New Worlds Institute: Rick Tumlinson, Founder

  • University College London: Ian Crawford, Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences, Birkbeck College

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