Reinventing Space Careers and SpIN Placement Showcase

As part of the Reinventing Space Conference 2016, UKSEDS and the Space Generation Advisory Council have organised Reinventing Space Careers, aimed at students, graduates, and young professionals who want to succeed within the space sector. Up to 100 attendees will gather for a series of panels and workshops on careers within the space industry.

Space Placements in INdustry (SpIN) will also host their Placement Showcase event throughout the morning, with Reinventing Space Careers being held in the afternoon.

This parallel stream allows attendees to experience a forward thinking day aimed at their future careers, whilst allowing them to attend the main conference keynote talks and network with potential employers.



Samantha Lavender – CEO, Pixalytics and Chairman, BARSC
Paula Marti Rocafull – Technical Project Manager, Elecnor Demios UK
Jeremy Curtis – Head of Education, UK Space Agency
Rockman Law – Commerical and Ops Manager, SQR Systems
Nithin Thomas – Co-Founder, SQR Systems

Speed Mentors

Samantha Lavender – Pixalytics
Paula Marti Rocafull – Elecnor Demios UK
Jeremy Curtis – UK Space Agency
Rockman Law – SQR Systems
Nithin Thomas – SQR Systems
Andy Bradford – Bradspace Ltd
Meidad Pariente – Sky and Space Global UK
Matjaz Vidmar – University of Edinburgh
Emma Ryan – Lockheed Martin UK
Ruth Bamford – RAL Space
Sheona Urquhart – University of Hull
Susi Zanello – NASA Johnson Space Centre

The event will be held on Wednesday 26 October 2016 at the Royal Society in London.

SpIN Schedule

08:45 Registration
09:15 Welcome

09:30 SpINtern Project Pitches
11:00 SpINtern Poster Display Presentations
13:20 Lunch
Careers Schedule

13:20 Lunch and Registration
14:00 Welcome and Employers Panel
15:10 Keynote Address: Ellen Stofan, NASA Chief Scientist
15:55 Afternoon Break
16:20 Speed Mentoring
17:30 Networking Reception
20:30 Day ends

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