RISpace presentation programme

The 17th Reinventing Space Conference and Exhibition takes place on Tuesday 12th November, Wednesday 13th November and Thursday 14th November 2019. We are pleased to announce our presentation programme.

  • A supply chain directory for Northern Ireland (Tuesday)
  • A Hybrid Nuclear / In situ Chemical Transport Architecture for the Exploitation of the Moon (Thursday)
  • A novel concept to reduce operating cost of an expendable launch vehicle using hybrid propulsion system (Tuesday)
  • A roadmap for the robotic facilitation of off-world living (Tuesday)
  • Access to Orbit from Unst – a worked example (Thursday)
  • Attitude control in satellites flying at VLEO using aerodynamic surfaces (Wednesday)
  • Autophage engines for cubesat-scale nanolaunchers (Tuesday)
  • Breaking The Monolith: How Modular Architectural Thinking Can Save The UK Space Industry (Wednesday)
  • Bringing Massive Derelicts Back to Life – An Alternative Debris Remediation Solution (Tuesday)
  • Collective Communication Strategies for Space Exploration (Tuesday)
  • Commercial off-planet communication and navigation services (Tuesday)
  • Data Analytics and AI in the Space sector (Wednesday)
  • DebriSat: A Ground-Ba
  • sed Hypervelocity Experiment to Improve Space Debris Models (Wednesday)
  • Development of a 10g Femto-satellite with Active Attitude Control (Wednesday)
  • Development of a Mechanical Strain Device to Prevent Microgravity-induced Bone Loss (Wednesday)
  • Earth-to-space power delivery for small satellites (Wednesday)
  • Exploiting physical mobile and networking technologies to achieve affordable near term space ranging for the UK (Thursday)
  • Feasibility Study of an Extremely Low-Earth-Orbiting Spacecraft (ELEOS) using System-Driven Approach (Tuesday)
  • Foresail-1 CubeSat to demonstrate Coulomb drag and Particle Telescope experiments (Wednesday)
  • From Scotland to Space (Thursday)
  • Influence of launcher cost and payload capacity on asteroid mining profitability (Tuesday)
  • Inspiration for Space 2.0 from Autonomic-ANTS (Autonomous NanoTechnology Swarms) Concept missions (Thursday)
  • Legal Risks of Artificial Intelligence in Space (Wednesday)
  • Legal, Business and Science Case for Modular Space Access and In-orbit Services Through Geostationary Orbit (Wednesday)
  • Low cost life assessment of liquid rocket engines by replacing full scale engine tests by TMF panel tests (Thursday)
  • Macro-scale On-orbit Manufacturing (Tuesday)
  • Mirrors for Harnessing Solar Energy on the Moon (Wednesday)
  • New Space (Wednesday)
  • Novel launch (Thursday)
  • Optimised satellite sail deployment mechanism based on flexible pushing arms (Thursday)
  • Path to the First Launch of the SL-OMV from the UK (Thursday)
  • Pushing Ground-Space Optical Communications to the limit (Tuesday)
  • Qualification and In-Orbit-Demonstration of the PM200 Green Bi-Propellant CubeSat Propulsion System (Wednesday)
  • Revolutionising Spaceflight Using Only Proven Technology (Thursday)
  • SERAPIS: Supply chain opportunities to space for materials and manufacturing (Wednesday)
  • Space Clusters supporting Commercialisation (Wednesday)
  • Space Elevators : History, Status and the Future (Wednesday)
  • SPRINT – transforming UK business growth though space (Thursday)
  • SUPREME as an enabling technology for the next generation of space missions (Tuesday)
  • Surveying a launcher market (Thursday)
  • The Case for a Global Space Situational Awareness Architecture (Thursday)
  • The Future of Spaceflight (Thursday)
  • The Michigan Launch Initiative – Creating a New Polar Orbit Launch Site Using Existing Infrastructure (Thursday)
  • The Potential for Advanced Space Operations using Virtual and Augmented Reality (Wednesday)
  • The Space Law Games: Establishing Fault in Orbital Operations (Tuesday)
  • Tractor Swarm (Thursday)
  • Trends in space chemistry: emerging markets and potential applications (Wednesday)
  • UK Spaceports (Tuesday)

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