RISpace welcomes partner MyDearDrone

The 16th Reinventing Space conference is delighted to welcome a new media partner, MyDearDrone.

MyDearDrone is an open-source educational solution to learn everything from industry guides, technology developments, analysis and much more about drones and technologies associated with drones.

The general public tends to think of drones as either military tools of war or hardware which hosts cameras. But there are many innovative uses such as:-

  • Using them to replace human beings where there is significant risk to human life
  • Using them to complement other devices, tools, equipment
  • Using them to explore new ways of performing common tasks such as internet delivery
  • Using them as remote sensing devices

MyDearDrone was created to help to educate and train all drone and aviation enthusiasts. It has decided to partner with the Reinventing Space Conference because it wants to show the synergy of drones and satellites and how they can complement one other for development and innovation.

Drones can be prototypes for satellites. These are technologies which are growing and standard for both satellite and drones:

  • Large or focused area thermal imagining to identify and differentiate materials based on their heat signatures.
  • Improvement of accuracy of Global Positioning System (GPS) to able to identify a single mobile object regardless of the frequent location change.
  • Visual aids to help in critical fields such as search and recovery, nature preservation, etc.
  • Ability to employ noise waves to identify patterns, geological changes, disaster warnings, etc.

The MyDearDrone website can be found at www.mydeardrone.com


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