The Double Edge Sword Of On-Orbit Servicing: A Blessing Or A Curse?

The Reinventing Space Conference is pleased to confirm the second panel which will be presented at the conference: “The Double Edge Sword Of On-Orbit Servicing: A Blessing Or A Curse?”. The panel will present on Thursday 1 November at No.4 Hamilton Place, London.

Commercial satellite operators are excited about the potential of servicing their satellites once they’re up in space. Satellite servicing is becoming somewhat of a holy grail for the operators and new technologies and advancements are making the dream of on-orbit servicing possible.

By servicing we mean rendezvous and docking without interruption to operations of the client satellite; long-term station-keeping and attitude control; relocation of satellites to different orbital slots or to different orbit; de-orbiting satellites that are at the end of their lives; as well as rescuing and re-orbiting of satellites stranded in incorrect orbits.

However, a technology, which gives, can also be made to take away. Space is no longer a benign environment but rather a contested operational domain. As space becomes more contested and adversaries become increasingly capable of denying others satellite capabilities, on-orbit servicing technologies become increasingly more attractive as a satellite defence technology.

Image: Space Tech GmbH

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