The Impending SAR Wars: Who will prevail?

The 2018 Reinventing Space conference is happy to confirm its first panel titled “The Impending SAR Wars: Who will prevail?

According to industry analysis, the commercial Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) market size is estimated to exceed $3.5-4 billion (US) by 2024. High-resolution data and imagery for applications such as Earth observation, weather monitoring, biomass measurement, SIGINT, energy monitoring, elevation models, construction and ocean monitoring are expected to drive the growth opportunity for the SAR market.

This panel will focus on the changing landscape of the commercial SAR market with the goal of getting a better understanding on how current trends will reinvent space-borne commercial SAR.

The panel will take place on Tuesday 30 October 2018 at No.4 Hamilton Place, London.

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