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Reinventing Space 2003

Why Are We Here?

The inaugural Responsive Space conference was sponsored by the AIAA LA Section and Space Systems Technical Committee. It took place at Redondo Beach, California between April 1–3, 2003. It was founded and organised by Professor Jim Wertz of Microcosm.

Responsiveness has become critical to many modern systems

  • War in Iraq
  • Shorter time frame for most information-based technologies
    • “Instant answers” to many issues available on the Internet or web
  • Space assets are a major contributor in many areas
    • Military, commercial, science, engineering, education, exploration
  • But, however important space assets may be in today’s world, they aren’t responsive
    • Apollo went from a dream to landing people on the Moon (including developing the largest rocket ever built) in 8 years
    • Today, major unmanned programs take well more than a decade, and even small satellite missions can take 5 to 7 years
  • Many would regard Iridium as a technical success, but a business failure
    • Why? — Largely because it took too long to build and deploy and was made irrelevant by the rapid growth of ground-based systems
    • The lack of multiple LEO communications constellations is, in part, a direct result of the lack of responsiveness in our industry

The fundamental questions for this conference are:
How do we make space responsive?
If we’re successful, how do we take advantage of this new capability?

RS1 official program

General Chair

Dr. James R. Wertz, Microcosm Incoming Chair, LA Section

Technical Chairs

Dr. Yolanda Jones King, AFRL Chair, Space Systems Technical Committee
Gwynne Gurevich, SpaceX Vice Chair, Space Systems Technical Committee

Administrative Chair

Charles Kilmer, Boeing Past Chair, LA Section

Sponsorship PoC

Dr. Robert Conger, Microcosm


Regina Jenkins, Microcosm

Organizing Committee

Allen Chen, JPL
Dr. Richard Van Allen, Microcosm
Julie Wertz, JPL

AIAA LA Section

Dr. Keith Comeaux, Boeing Chair, LA Section