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Reinventing Space 2006

Putting It Together

The 4th Responsive Space Conference (RS4) was held on April 23-26, 2006 at the LAX Westin Hotel and was sponsored by the LA and Orange County sections of the AIAA and the Space Systems (SSTC), Space Transportation (STTC), and Space Operations and Support (SOSTC) Technical Committees. RS4 was immediately followed on April 26-27 by the Improving Space Operations Workshop, sponsored by the SOSTC.

RS4 was organised by the founder of Responsive Space, Jim Wertz of Microcosm.



The conference had 380 participants (up about 15% from RS3), including 31 professional papers, 6 distinguished speakers, 3 panels on Mission Requirements (moderated by Maj. Gen. Mark Shackelford of Space Command), Missions (moderated by Todd Mosher of Lockheed Martin), and Operations (moderated by Paul Zetocha of AFRL/VSE), and a splinter meeting on Responsive Space Standards (moderated by Lt. Col. Fred Slane of AFRL/VS). The Keynote Address was given by Lt. Gen. Frank Klotz, Vice Commander of Space Command, followed by an invited talk by Brian Green, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Forces Policy. The Banquet speaker was Gary Payton, Deputy Under Secretary of the Air Force for Space Programs. The luncheon speakers were Lt. Gen. Mike Hamel, Commander of Air Force Space and Missile Systems, Dr. Pete Rustan, Director of Advanced Systems and Technology for the NRO, and Maj. Gen. Ted Mercer of USSTRATCOM.

A complete list of presenters and speakers is in the Final Program. Abstracts of all of the papers are given in the Abstracts section of this website. The papers themselves, along with the briefing charts and whatever material was available from the guest speakers were given to all attendees and will be posted to this website in September, 2006. An Evaluation of the Conference by the participants is also posted. A summary of the SOSTC Space Operations Workshop will be posted on this website when it is complete.

Perhaps one of the most intriguing elements of RS-4 is that there were almost as many definitions of Responsive Space as there were participants. Several of those definitions are given in the summary below. A technical discussion of the levels of responsiveness is given in a brief technical note in the Dialog section of this website.

In the Keynote Address, Lt. Gen. Klotz, defined Operationally Responsive Space (ORS) as follows: “ORS will provide an affordable capability to promptly, accurately, and decisively position and operate national and military assets in and through space and near space. The ORS vision is to provide rapid, tailorable space power focused at the operational and tactical level of war.” Space Command views ORS as an enabler with four components: