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Reinventing Space 2010

Creating Affordable & Responsive Space Missions

The 8th Reinventing Space Conference was titled Responsive Space 2010 and took place in Los Angeles between 8-11 March 2010.

Most of the people working in Responsive Space have also been interested in much lower cost space missions. At RS3, Dr. Pete Rustan urged the community to use Responsive Space developments and advancements as a means of reducing the cost of larger, more traditional space systems. The current economic crisis makes that need even more critical if we are to meet the ambitious goals of the American space program. If a solution to the prohibitively high cost of space is not found, then the shortfall in future years will require major cuts in space activity.

As in prior years, RS8 will accept papers on all aspects of Responsive Space, but particularly solicits papers that emphasize economic analysis and methods, techniques, and examples of ways to drive down space mission cost and schedule and create affordable and responsive space missions.