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RIspace 2014 survey

In December 2014, we sent a post-conference survey to all participants of the 12th Reinventing Space Conference. We received 53 replies.

2014 post-conference survey

How would you rate your overall experience of the Reinventing Space conference 2014?

  • Better than expected: 71.70% (38)
  • About what I expected: 26.42% (14)
  • Worse than expected: 1.89% (1)

Total 53

Was the venue for RIspace 2014:

  • Good? 98.11% (52)
  • Average? 0.00% (0)
  • Poor? 1.89% (1)

Total 53

What were your favourite things about RIspace 2014?

The opportunity to discuss space law issues in the context of the technological advances others are making.

The talks

The students enthusiasm in discussing their work was evident. Also, the organisation of the event was excellent.

The varied attendance – It was great to hear the students and to network with businesses in other rooms.
The mixture of key-note speakers, technical presentations and panel discussions was excellent. Very well organised conference which was most enjoyable.

Very good presentations

The interesting variety of speakers covering many space flight topics. I particularly liked the ‘City day’ (Business day?) The conference organisation was really professional. That plus the prestigious venue gave a good image of the BIS.

Apart from the obvious – a great programme of talks etc – the catering was very good!

The venue was terrific. The presentations nearly all interesting, with a nice break-up of exciting announcements like Lunar Mission One etc. The exhibition areas were full of interesting information. The reception was brilliant, including drinks on the Wednesday.

Inmarsat and bus tour were perfect ways to wrap up the week!

The venue was just the right size, great discussions, important topics, kept everyone focused.

Networking, particularly meeting representatives from the ISU, HE Space and other organisations with stands. I also liked the variety of talks, spanning technical, legal and strategic aspects of Space.

Venue and talks

The size. There was enough people to create an interesting discussion but not too many that it was just a talking shop. Also liked that there weren’t too many parallel sessions, this meant most people saw the same presentations which led to common starting points for networking discussions.

Great conversations; great timekeeping!

One on one social events with authors and speakers Interesting presentations in general

Presentations of 1st day

General update on the state of the space industry and what the latest developments are

The variety of different companies all with the same aim.

The talks.

Meeting new people within the industry and off-line talks with them along with old friends and colleagues
Experience speaker, exhibition and friendly committees.

1) The interesting range of relevant topics addressed (I had feared we would hear
too much “science fiction” ..) 2) The choice Key Note speakers and the quality of
their addresses 3) The international dimension of the participants 4) The standing
displays in the adjoning rooms 5) The ability to meet up with known and new people I
congratulate the organisers and speakers for a very interesting conference,

The diversity of topics

Quality of talks and speakers as well as the range. Really enjoyed the panel sessions.

The lectures were particularly good. Broad range of speakers and interests. Managed to stick to the Reinventing Space Theme.

Lunar Mission One announcement

The amazing people I have met there!

Very difficult to say; it was ALL good – the speakers, the presentations, the prestigious venue (I cannot thnk of a better place to have held the conference) and the catering & service, the conference materials provided, etc.

Good presentations – variety and quality very good

As someone who attended hoping to gain contacts within the space industry the conference was the right place to go – clearly key players in the field present and accessible – the food was really good too

Panel discussions on the Friday with financial focus – High profile speakers – Venue

The venue was amazing. Also the SpIN event for students, who are the future of the business. And of course, the presentation of Lunar Mission One.

It looked very well run – I’m sure there was a lot going on in the background, but from the speaker perspective all was smooth and hunky-dory.

Venue was quite good for lectures and networking.

International aspect and presentations

I met some interesting people. Overall, a good conference with some interesting presentations.

Interesting presentations and attendance by a a wide selection of persons in the industry

SpIN co-location

Big-name speakers

Sprite presentation by James Wertz. Food was good as well.

The range of interesting presentations and people.

Challenging to the status quo, attempting to solve true questions. Also the focus on financing and economics is very interesting and relevant.

The media launch of LunarMissionOne.

Great venue and well organised and clear planning

The people who came together

The range of talks was fantastic, and the selection provided a nice snapshot of new and interesting technologies.

People networking, keynote speeches, the spirit of collaboration in finding ways to re-think at the space activities in a pragmatic way.

The wonderful venue.

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