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2014 schedule

Reinventing Space 2014 was a four day event dedicated to one of the fastest growing industry sectors in space – low cost access and utilisation of space. The international conference and exhibition took place at the Royal Society, home of UK science since the seventeenth century. An optional fourth day, based in the financial heart of London, exposed delegates to the investment arm of the space sector.

The global economic climate is creating demand to reduce expenditures, leading to new challenges and opportunities in the world’s space industry. The need to create dramatically lower cost, more responsive space systems and launchers capable of delivering to space quickly, cheaper and reliably has never been more prominent. Reinventing Space brought top players to the Europe’s financial capital to discuss the fast-growing, international industry together in one collaborative environment.

This is the 12th Reinventing Space conference came to the UK for the first time in 2014.


2014calendar1118 TUESDAY 18 NOVEMBER Military and Security DayThe first day of Reinventing Space 2014 was dedicated to security and military aspects.A Tuesday-only ticket was priced at £149 (excluding VAT)Tuesday keynotes:-

  • Sir Martin Sweeting Executive Chairman, SSTL; Director, Surrey Space Centre
  • Jim Wertz President, Microcosm
  • Patrick Wood SVP Engineering, Operations & Quality and Head of Electronics UK. Airbus DS
2014calendar1119 WEDNESDAY 19 NOVEMBER Civil Space DayThe second day of Reinventing Space 2014 had an emphasis on civil space. A careers event was held and the dinner took place.A Wednesday-only ticket was priced at £149 (excluding VAT)Wednesday keynotes:-

  • Alice Bunn Director of Policy, UK Space Agency
  • Franco Ongaro European Space Agency Director (D/TEC) and Head of ESTEC
  • David Willets UK Minister of State for Science and Universities 2010-2014
2014calendar1120 THURSDAY 20 NOVEMBER Technology DayThe third day of Reinventing Space 2014, featured technology, commercial aspects and launchers. After the close of the main programme, the British Interplanetary Society hosted an evening event dedicated to the UK Spaceports concept.A Thursday-only ticket was priced at £149 (excluding VAT)Thursday keynotes:-

  • Roger Longstaff Skylon Project Manager, Reaction Engines Ltd.
  • Barry Matsumori SVP of Sales and Business Development, SpaceX
2014calendar1121 FRIDAY 21 NOVEMBER Finance DayUK government and industry are investing heavily in Britain’s space future. Reinventing Space brings the global responsive space sector together and the conference organised a Finance Day. Delegates met major actors from London’s finance sector, interested in the opportunities that growth in the space industry, already worth £11bn to the UK economy, can offer.A Friday-only ticket was priced at £79 (excluding VAT)


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