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This year RiSpace will try something new and will incorporate Unconference sessions into its programme. The Unconference sessions will be shaped by you, the participants of RiSpace, and will provide an opportunity for the community to discuss openly the challenges and trends which are defining the industry.

So how does an Unconference session work? Each day a board will appear by the registration desk. Participants are then free to suggest topics for discussion. If your idea is chosen you will be required to give a quick, 2-5 minute presentation on the idea at the start (no PowerPoint required) and then the room will then be open for discussion for the remainder of the session time. The sessions will be held during morning coffee and lunch each day and will be held in a dedicated breakout room. We also intend to share the outcomes of each session at the close of the conference.

So what topics can you suggest? This is upto you and can be anything from “How do we close the business case for Mars settlement?”to “Space debris : an untapped resource” etc.

We hope these sessions will prove popular, spark debate and open people to new ways of thinking.