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Exhibition guidelines

Information about exhibition options at this year’s RISpace is available here.

  1. All displays must be setup and torn down during the following hours. Staffers from your company are responsible for setting up and tearing down your display.
    Setup: Tuesday from 08:00 onwards
    Teardown: Thursday after the afternoon coffee break is finished, to be clear by 18:00
  2. Displays should highlight your company and be focused on the topic of the conference.
  3. All displays must be confined to the standard 3 metres x 2 metres (10′ wide x 7′ deep). There will be a supplied table with two chairs. There is no shell scheme at the venue.
  4. You are encouraged to staff your display to answer questions during registration, breakfasts, coffee breaks, lunches and the evening networking receptions.
  5. Every exhibitor space will be entitled to two people as free registrants attending the conference.
  6. Stevie Cameron Event Logistics Ltd., our preferred supplier of RISpace exhibition logistics and courier services, offer their services for exhibitors at the Reinventing Space Conference in Belfast. They can assist with collecting your shipment from your premises whether in the UK or elsewhere in the world. Alternatively they can receive your shipment from your own carrier at their Warehouse, taking care of the shipment from that point to your Stand/Booth inside the venue – and back again. Assistance can be given with customs clearance formalities also, where required. Please contact Stevie Cameron or Eileen MacQuarrie at or by telephone at +44 1355 238 559.

For additional sponsorship and exhibition information, please contact: Scott Hatton at


Learn more about the exhibition options here.