The 2019 Sir Arthur Clarke Awards: Winners Announced

The Arthur C. Clarke Foundation is pleased to announce the winners of the 2019 Sir Arthur Clarke Awards which recognise and reward those individuals and teams that have made notable or outstanding achievements in, or contributions to, all space activities in the past year, 2018/19.  Better known as ‘The Arthurs’, the Awards have been presented annually since 2005.

Selected once again as the organiser of the awards by the Foundation, The British Interplanetary Society invited nominations from the general public and a nominations panel of senior representatives from all areas of the space sector on Monday 6 May, and extended the Deadline for Nominations to Monday 29 July, three weeks later than planned.

Chosen by a large panel of judges from all parts of the Space community, chaired by Mrs Angie Edwards, niece of Sir Arthur, the three Finalists in each of the nine Award Categories were invited to the Award Ceremony at the British Interplanetary Society’s Reinventing Space Conference Gala Dinner in the International Convention Centre Belfast, on Thursday 14 November, where the winners of the nine Awards and one Special Award were announced.

The 2019 Sir Arthur Clarke Awards Winners

  1.   Space Achievement – Industry/Project Team

RemoveDEBRIS (Simon Fellowes & Prof. G. Aglietti, University of Surrey)– For Mission success for 4 innovative space debris removal technologies on the RemoveDEBRIS satellite

  1.   Space Achievement – Industry/Project Individual  

Dr Jonathan McDowell – As the author of Jonathan’s Space Report, he has created one of the most authoritative non-governmental sources of information on manufactured space objects.

  1.   Space Achievement – Academic Study/Research

The Queen’s University Belfast ‘Oumuamua’ Team (Prof Alan Fitzsimmons) – For their investigation of 1l/’Oumuamua, the first Interstellar object to be discovered in our Solar System.

4a. Space Achievement – Education and Outreach Team

Space Rocks (Alexander Milas, Twin V and Mark McCaughrean, ESA) – For its continued celebration of space exploration and the art, science-fiction, music, and culture it inspires.

4b. Space Achievement – Education and Outreach Individual

Helen Schell – For her work as a visual artist and a STEM/ESERO-UK Space Ambassador, presenting specialist Moon themed STEAM projects nationwide.

  1.  Space Achievement – Student

Heidi Thiemann – For her leadership of, making it the ‘go-to’ resource for the Space industry, for her careers advice and for her continued support of UKSEDS and its Student Space Conference.

  1. Space Achievement – Media, broadcast and written

Sue Nelson – For showcasing the Mercury 13 and the history of women in space through her inspiring book ‘Wally Funk’s Race For Space’ – a lesson on determination, hope and overcoming sexism.

  1.   Lifetime Achievement

Professor  Ken Pounds, University of Leicester– For a 60-year contribution to, and the leadership of, space research in the UK, spanning the Space age, from the first British sub-orbital rocket to the major X-ray observatories.

  1.   International Achievement

Dr. Alan Stern and the NASA New Horizons team – For not only taking us, as Principal Investigator on the New Horizons mission, to Pluto and the Kuiper Belt, but also for the 29 other sub-orbital and planetary Space missions in which he has been involved.

  1. Special Award

Robert  Hill, Northern Ireland Space Office – For his outstanding contribution to and promotion of all Space activities in Northern Ireland and, in particular, for his support for the Reinventing Space Conference 2019.

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