Reinventing Space

Highlighting the trends that will define space enterprise a decade from now

The 17th Reinventing Space Conference and Exhibition will be held between Tuesday 12 and Thursday 14 November 2019 in Belfast, Northern Ireland. The conference and exhibition is organised by the British Interplanetary Society.

RISpace brings together industry, agency, government, financiers, academia and end users.

The increasing pace of commercialisation is expected to lead to major new applications in Earth orbit over the next decade. These will include mega-constellations for communications and for active and passive remote sensing in both the optical and RF domains.

In the next ten years we also expect to see the start of sustainable operations in space; in-situ resource utilisation and on-orbit manufacturing will enable the robotic construction of  much larger structures in space. This will open up new capabilities for space science, and for manned exploration of the Solar System, exploiting the increasing availability of cheap launch services.

RIspace 2019 will be held from Tuesday 12 November until Thursday 14 November 2019 in Belfast.


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Careers Launch at RISpace 2019

As part of the Reinventing Space Conference 2019, UKSEDS is organising Careers Launch, aimed at students, graduates, and young professionals who want to succeed within the space sector. 80 delegates will gather for a series of panels and workshops on careers within the space industry and networking opportunities with potential employers. Reinventing Space (RISpace) is a conference and exhibition …

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BIS membership ticket offer

The British Interplanetary Society, organisers of Reinventing Space, is running a 15 month membership offer for the year 2020. Digital membership including our ‘Spaceflight’ magazine is £73 worldwide. If you wish to register for this year’s Reinventing Space at the concessions rate – £329 rather than the standard ticket price of £549 – and are not yet …

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Northrop Grumman becomes Silver Partner for the 17th Reinventing Space conference

We are happy to welcome Northrop Grumman as Silver Partner for the 17th Reinventing Space conference and exhibition. At Northrop Grumman, the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 lunar landing is a celebration of over 60 years of unmatched legacy in both exploring and defending the final frontier. From crafting the Lunar Module and the …

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Tickets now available for the 2019 Sir Arthur Clarke Awards dinner

The Awards Ceremony for the 2019 Sir Arthur Clarke Awards will be held at the Gala Dinner of the Reinventing Space Conference 2019 at the International Convention Centre, 2 Lanyon Place, Belfast, BT1 3WH on the evening of Thursday 14 November. The Sir Arthur Clarke Awards recognise and reward those individuals and teams that have …

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